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Timber Pest Inspection Perth


Buying a home is one of the largest investments you can make in your lifetime; therefore, it is imperative that you take measure to protect your home against timber pests. Termites can slowly destroy your home without you knowing it until it is too late – the floors have given away and your home’s door frames have become hollow. It is important to get timber pest inspection annually by a qualified inspector.
What does the inspection cover? 

  • Determination of the existence of wood rot and fungal decay
  • Detection of timber pests like termites and borers
  • Inspection of various areas including the roof cavity, subfloor, building interior (room by room testing) and around the perimeter of the house including fences, trees and outbuildings
  • A meticulous on-site inspection carried out in accordance with the Australian Standards AS4349.3 - 2010

Why “Resicert” for your Timber Pest Inspection?

  • Comprehensive report with colour pictures
  • Easy-to-understand report
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Verbal report delivered 24 hours after the inspection
  • Inspection report is in accordance with Australian Standard AS4349.3 - 2010
  • 100% satisfaction money back guarantee

Why Trust Resicert?

  • We are backed with $2 million of professional indemnity insurance
  • Our average client satisfaction score is 9.2 out of 10
  • Fully trained licensed inspectors

We Offer the Following Timber Pest Inspections

Home buyers who would like to have a more thorough understanding of the possible structural problems that may be caused by timber pest inspection will benefit from availing of this service. This inspection takes the guesswork out of your decision. (Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection)

  Homeowners who are thinking of putting their property up for sale should consider getting this inspection before listing.  This places vendors in a better position.  They are able to prepare their homes for buyers.  This helps give them an edge when it comes to negotiating the price and terms of sale. (Vendor Pre-Listing)

  This type of inspection is ideal for homeowners who would like to make sure that their homes are free from timber pest infestation. A timber pest infestation can cause a lot of problems if left untreated.  It can be very expensive to repair your home once it starts falling apart.  This will help avoid this problem. (Annual Timber Pest Inspection)

Are you thinking of buying a home or investment property?
Then you need to get a pre-purchase timber pest inspection. Choose “pre-purchase” from the different options in our instant quote form and then select “Timber Pest Inspection”.  We can also conduct the building inspection if you need to have both.  Simply select “Building and Pest” from the inspection service field.

Are you selling or thinking of selling your home or investment property?
Get a vendor termite inspection before placing your property in the market.  Simply choose “Vendor Inspection” from our instant quote form and then select “Timber Pest Inspection”. We can also conduct the Vendor Building Inspection if you need to both services.  If you need a quote, just select “Building and Pest” from the inspection service field.

Are you worried about termite infestation in your home?
You need to protect your home.  This means don’t take risks when it comes to the safety of your home.  Timber pests can cause a substantial structural damage to your home.  Regular pest inspections will help protect your home.  So, don’t take risks.  If you are located in a cooler area, it is important to get an inspection at least once a year.  If your home is located in a warmer area, you need to get an inspection at least twice a year.  Make sure to book your annual timber pest inspection by simply selecting “Timber Pest Inspection” on the quote or booking form.

Don’t take risks!
Don’t believe anyone who tells you that your house is safe from timber pests.  Thousands of homes in Australia are infested with termites.  Your home may be one of them.  As you can see from the images below, ant caps cannot prevent termite infestation.  Many people assume that if they have their home fitted with ant caps, they can prevent termites from moving into their homes.  This is a common mistake that everyone makes.  Ant caps can help make termites more visible, but they cannot prevent termites from moving in.  From the image below, you can see that the termites have actually created a mud tub over the ant caps.  Without a timber pest inspection, these things can be missed and substantial damage may result.  So, do not take risks.  The small cost of a timber pest inspection can save you thousands of dollars in the long run..

Information on Termites...
What Is A Termite?

Many people confused termites with other insects like ants.  In fact, they are sometimes referred to as “white ants” because of their color and appearance.  These insects feed on wood.  This is why they can create a lot of damage to the structure of your home.  There are two common types of termites:  the worker and the swarmer.  The worker termites have creamy color and are 3-4 mm long.  These types of termites can only be seen once the infested wood breaks open.  On the other hand, swarmers are 44 mm long and they are either darn brown or black in color.  They do not have wings because they lose their wings when theyh leave the colonies.  Swarmers are in charge of the reproduction and they can only be seen when they leave the nest and start their own colony.  Termites can reproduce up to 20,000 new termites in a month.

What do termites look like?

                        Queen Termite

Termites are not your only concern; although, they do get most of the attention.  There are other timber pests that you need to worry about.  Borers, wood rot and fungal decay can also cause substantial damage to your home.  If you waive your right to a timber pest inspection, you could end up with a bad investment.
Not everyone know that around 650,000 homes in Australia have termite infestations.  Many home owners testify to the importance of a pre-purchase timber pest inspection.  Termite damage can cost thousands of dollars to repair.  Almost 40% of Australian homes are attacked by termites.  If your floorboards have soft or hollow sound, this may likely be because of a termite infestation.  A professional timber pest inspection will help detect their existence.

Our team of licensed pest inspectors or partners can detect the presence of timber pest inspection in all areas of your property.  A timber pest inspection can be likened to a health inspection of your property to make you aware of the existence of timber pests and offers possible solutions that you could take before the problem becomes irreversible.