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Retrospective Approvals

Many homeowners have built additional structures to their home without council approval. As a result, the permit is applied for after the structure has been built. This is called RETRO APPROVALS. The process requires detailed descriptions and drawings of the construction. These things are then submitted to the local council for approval.

Resicert Property Inspection works in two stages:

Stage 1

The inspector checks the structural integrity of the property. He also checks for adequacy, compliance and any other issues which may affect the application for retroactive approvals. The inspector will obtain enough information in order to provide with an accurate quote.

Stage 2

Once the inspection is complete, we will provide all the drawings and documentation within 2 weeks.

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Recent Client Feedback

AMAZING work done by Resicert team. Very proactive communication till the end. Very friendly and professional Inspection officers. Providing very detailed reports with good photos and accuracy. I will be recommending all my friends for sure because Resicert is providing really good services and competitive price. From the start you know you have made a good choice. Thank you for great service. – Pratik Vic

Service was great. The guy who carried out the inspection was great, the report was thorough and very professionally present. - Nicholas Oshea