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Owner Builder Warranty

When a home has been built by its owner, or if when the owner has built extensions, additions or renovations of a specified value, and the same owner decides to sell his property within 7 years from building the property or the additions to his home, then he is required to get a builder warranty or home indemnity insurance. In order to get this, the owner is required to submit a defects inspection report prepared by a qualified property inspector. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to sell his property.

We, at Resicert, can offer a comprehensive defects report that complies with AS43491-2007 and is backed with professional indemnity insurance. With our inspection report, there is no reason why you would not be able to get on with the sale of your property. Get an instant quote now!

To obtain an immediate quote for your inspection please submit this form and we will be in contact with you with further information immediately.


Recent Client Feedback

Contractor was helpful and very unprofessional. Would highly recommend them.– Julie

Report was in depth and feedback over the phone was comprehensive. Happy with the service and would recommend. - Kristy