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Solar Hot Water System - Perth Building Inspection

There is still much mis-information about the various hot water systems available for a home. From and efficiency point of view clearly get your water heated by the sun for free is the best way to go. This can now be a very cost effective with the rebates that are available. It is important to be aware of the boosting method.

For 3 to 5 months of the year it is likely that a booster will be required. Using gas as the booster is the best option where it is available. Unfortunately many Solar Systems have electric boosters.
Using electricity to heat this volume of water is not very efficient. After solar how water systems heat pumps are also an excellent and efficient hot water system. In simple terms they work in reverse to how your fridge works. Using latent heat in the air to heat the water.

This type of heating system is worth exploring and comaparing even though not well known. Next of the rank is instantaneous gas systems. They provide hot water when you need it - and can never run short of hot water. They are efficient, take up little space and come in various sizes. At the end of the line are storage hot water systems.

They basically keep heating the water up (by using electricity or gas), whether it is being used or not, just in case it is required. As the water cools it is heated up again.

With rising energy costs exploring ways of heating our water more efficiently is going to become more important to more people.


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